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Becoming a Referee

Keeping The Game Fun, Fair And Safe

Why should you become an AYSO Referee? We can't have games without referees. No referee, no game. More importantly, it's rewarding knowing you ensure the games are Fun, Fair and Safe, and best of all, working with kids is great fun!

Referees are critical to soccer. While there is risk in all sports, the referee is responsible for minimizing such risks from the game, field conditions, equipment, spectators, and the players. Their job is to be the official in charge of the game, being the independent arbiter and manager of the game, with their authority extending over everyone and everything at the field, including players, substitutes, team officials, spectators, and even assistant referees. They manage the games by enforcing the Laws of the Game in such a way as to keep the game safe, fair and fun for everyone, while interfering with the game as little as possible, and avoiding calls for doubtful and trifling offenses.  

How to become a Referee:
1. Register as a Volunteer Referee on this website.
2. Enroll in a Regional Referee course on the eTrainU System (click here for instructions). Then attend and complete the course on enrolled date. (Courses are free within Area 1C, and reimbursed when taken outside the Area) (Login is the same as this website)
3. Take AYSO's Safe Haven on eTrainU. (Required of ALL volunteers)
4. Take CDC: Concussion course on eTrainU. (Required of ALL volunteers)
5. Register at CGI Sports to sign up for referee schedule. (Link at bottom of page)

6. Youth referee steps- youth referee steps.pdf

Once a Referee:
Work with your child's coach to help with refereeing games. While daunting at first, the games can be fun. Do your best, learn, and reach out to the experienced referees around the park. We have a great group of referees that love to help and give advice. If you need more, you can reach out to the Regional Referee Administrator for a mentor. While the Mentor Program is still in its beginning stages, he'll do his best to get someone to work with you. If you have time, getting out on extra games helps to build experience and confidence.


Division Minimum Badge Level for Center Referees (Minimun age to officiate is at least 2 years older than age Division)
6U-8U 8U Official (minimum age to officiate is 10 years old)
10U Regional Referee (minimum age to officiate is 12 years old)
12U Intermediate Referee OR Regional Referee with waiver from Regional Referee Administrator or Director of Referee Instruction (minimum age to officiate is 14 years old)
14U Advanced Referee OR Intermediate or Regional Referee with waiver from Regional Referee Administrator or Director of Referee Instruction (minimum age to officiate is 16 years old)
& 19U
National Referee OR Advanced Referee with waiver from Regional Referee Administrator or Director of Referee Instruction (minimum age to officiate is 18 years old)

At 10U and above the Referee will work as a team with two Assistant Referees (AR). For 10U through 14U, division matches must hold Regional Referee badges at a minimum.  Since the level of play at 16U and 19U is so dynamic, Regional Referees are discouraged from being an AR for a 16U and 19U division match. AR's are trained the same as Referees, and take the same courses.

Referee Scheduling
All teams will have referees assigned to their team, and it will be up to those team referees to officiate the games that team has been assigned to. To make that process easier, Region 60 now has a website (CGI Sports) with the schedule where all referees can sign up for the games their team is assigned to and any available games. 

All referees are required to go to CGI Sports (link at bottom of page), and create an account. Through CGI Sports, referees can see the games they qualify for, and sign up for their teams' assignments, and if available and desire more games to officiate, sign up for other games they have time for.

Contact  the Referee Administration Team
[email protected]

Referee FAQs

Q1: Who are the referees?
A1: All AYSO referees are volunteers. They are us! Many referees start when their children are young and move up divisions with their child. Referee training is provided for all age groups and levels.
Q2: Why does AYSO need volunteer referees?
A2: AYSO is a 100% volunteer organization; we all do it for the kids. Each season we need as many referees as coaches if not more; refereeing is easier and less of a time commitment. AYSO is about playing Fun, Fair and Safe. Our referee training is what makes it possible. If there is no official to referee a game, then the kids don't get to play.
Q3: How do I become an AYSO referee?
You must first register as an AYSO Volunteer Referee under your ayso60 account, then enroll in a Regional Referee Course on the eTrainU system. The training to become an AYSO referee is provided to you for free. Email Region 60’s Referee Administrator ([email protected]) to get more information about the training and if you have any questions. 
Q4: Does my Region pay for referee uniforms?
A4: Yes. You don’t need to buy the uniform. We will provide you one after completion of the referee course and the other volunteer requirements.
Q5: What divisions require referees?
A5: We start officially refereeing games at the 10U Division.
Q6: How often do I need to referee?
A6: It’s really dependent on how many referees there are per team. Each team normally referees the game after you play but there will be some teams that will need to referee the very first game of the day or the last. Depending if you are home or away each team will need to provide 1-2 referees. During the Core season it’s best to assume each team will have around 15 referee assignments. The more referees you have the easier it’ll be to share the load.
Q7: Is prior soccer experience required to officiate?
A7: No, but some familiarity with soccer is certainly a plus. Coaches, parents, players and other volunteers have all proved to be excellent referees even if they have never played soccer. Youth referees are welcome!
Q8: Can my teenage son or daughter become a referee?
A8: Yes! If interested please email our Referee Administrator ([email protected]) the referee candidate's name and we’ll provide instructions. It’ll be the same process as adults except not as many volunteer requirements. To referee 8U games the minimum age is 10 years. To be an assistant referee or referee the minimum age is 12 years old.

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