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Core Program

AYSO is best known for our Core program.  It’s where the large majority of kids fall in love with soccer and make memories that will last a lifetime.  It is the foundation for all the fun, excitement and learning that happens on the field.

This Core program is open to all players ages 4 through 18.  It consists of numerous divisions for boys and girls of specific ages, and it is important for parents to know their division [click here to find yours].  Typically, teams begin to practice in August, with games running each weekend from early September through late November or early December, with no games played during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  However, the Core program may be adjusted to run at different times of the year for extenuating circumstances and as needed.  

We have developed our soccer program to be age-appropriate and developmentally challenging based on our Six Philosophies, which are the essence of AYSO’s Mission and Vision and guide all that we do.

  • Everyone Plays(R)
  • Balanced Teams
  • Open Registration
  • Positive Coaching
  • Good Sportsmanship
  • Player Development

[click here to learn more about the AYSO Vision | Mission | Philosophies]

The Core Program is made up of the following groups and divisions:

  • Schoolyard
  • Lower Divisions (non-competitive) [6U|8U]
  • Lower Divisions (competitive) [10U|12U|14U]
  • Upper Division [16U|19U]

Lower Divisions (non-competitive)(6U-8U)

Staying truly child-centered makes AYSO a model for other youth sports groups and is a key to our position as a player development leader.  There are four main threads throughout the 6U and 8U Divisions:

  • Development over winning
  • Age-appropriate development
  • Quality training
  • Fun and inspiring players

To achieve this, training sessions must be adapted to the player’s specific age and stage of development.

The following are interrelated building blocks, listed in order of importance at this age of development: 

  1. Psychosocial – how emotions and feelings affect can impact development, including a child’s ability to reason, learn and solve problems.
  2. Physical – agility, endurance, strength and speed
  3. Technical – kick, dribble, change of direction
  4. Tactical – tactics are not the priority at this stage. Players are introduced basics of the game’s objectives such as scoring and preventing opponents from scoring. They are introduced basic principles of play, including attacking principles of advancing the ball by dribbling, passing and shooting, and defensive principles of chasing the opponent, denying their options, and delaying the attack to regain possession.

AYSO prioritizes the psychosocial elements as a foundation: the child always comes first. We can’t teach tactics without a child having the technical skill, and we cannot do either until we understand the psychosocial and physical needs and capabilities of the child.

For these reasons, 6U and 8U play small-sided games that maximize players involvement in each game, and provide the most opportunity to experience all aspects of the game.  All games are considered “friendlies”, which means that scores are not recorded, there are no standings, and there are no play-offs.   We expect the players to be competitive, not the parents.

Lower Division (competitive)(10U-12U-14U)

Children will experience significant physical, mental, and social development throughout play in the 10U | 12U | 14U Divisions. Each Division plays in a manner that is modified to the age of its players, and the four threads of these divisions remain:

  • Development over winning
  • Age-appropriate development
  • Quality training
  • Fun and inspiring players

10U | 12U | 14U Divisions play matches appropriate to their age and development.  Match scores are recorded, standings are kept, and seasons will end with playoffs.  We continue to expect the players to be competitive, not the parents.

Additional rules of soccer are included at these age levels, such as goal keeping, the Offside Rule, and Player Development Initiatives (e.g. the 10U build out line).

Upper Divisions (16U-19U)

As AYSO players get older, many join leagues or high school soccer teams looking for more soccer experience. AYSO’s Upper Division Program (16U-19U) gives your teenage athletes another choice for competitive play. The program is organized under the AYSO rules and philosophies, and also with some adjustments to make it more enjoyable and accessible for teenagers.

Upper Divisions are different than the Lower Divisions in a few ways: coed teams are allowed, there are more flexible guidelines for player substitution and travel teams are an option. 16U-19U teams can also play against local high schools, participate in select teams and play against other.

In the 16U-19U program, like the rest of AYSO, coaches and referees are involved on a volunteer basis. Fields and equipment are organized whenever possible by Regional leadership. And because the program is less formal and players participate in organizing play, games and practices can be set up to accommodate school and work schedules.

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