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Team Manager Expectations

1.     Team Cheerleader - Your primary responsibility is to assist the coach in making this a positive experience for all involved. If anyone associated with your team, including parents, coaches, or family member gets out of line, you should bring it to the coach's attention immediately for swift resolution. If the coach is uncomfortable with confrontation, then contact your Division Coach or the Regional Commissioner.

2.     Team Communicator - You are responsible for all communications with your team.  Create a web-based team site to include your team’s contact information, to notify and remind parents of games dates/times/locations, and snack responsibilities/duties.  Coordinate the end-of-season party date/location, practice schedule changes (if needed), banner costs with parent(s) responsible for team banner, and coach / referee and key volunteer’s gift’s costs.

3.     Game Schedule - Assist coach to share the season's game schedule to parents, and provide reminders in advance of each game.  Ask parents to review the schedule and inform you when they are expected to miss games due to schedule conflicts, so coach will have plenty of notice.  Parents of your team are to update the schedule should their child not be available to attend team practice(s) and/or game(s).

4.     Snack Responsibility Schedule - Create a snack schedule for your team parents so each parent can sign up and share in the responsibility in providing snacks during half time and at the end of the game. Referees and the coach should be included in your count. Some appropriate snacks for games include:

·         For half time: fresh fruit including orange slices, grapes, watermelon, or melon.

·         After game snack: should be simple. A drink of water, juice with one additional item such as crackers, cookies, fruit snacks, etc.

·         PLEASE be SURE to check with parents for any team allergies or foods to avoid (such as dairy or peanuts).

5.     Child Safety - a child should NEVER be left alone anytime on the fields at a game or at practice. The coach is responsible for the players and they can use your help! Parents should walk their children onto the field and pick them up from the field as well. The coach should not dismiss children to go to cars in the parking lot by themselves. Also, no child should go to the bathroom by his/herself. Children should always go in groups of three or more, and ideally with a Safe Haven approved adult.

6.     First Aid Kit - The Region provides the Coach with a First Aid Kit. Players cannot play if they have blood on themselves or their uniform, so it is helpful to have the proper tools handy if they injure themselves during play.

7.     Water - Please require parents to provide water for their children during games and practices to keep them hydrated.

8.     Special Events – Opening Day, Picture Day. Please be sure to notify parents of these events so they can plan accordingly.

9.     Set-Up/Take down of fields - if you are the first or last game of the day, you are expected to gather your team's parents to put up/take down the nets and corner kick flags. The Coach should be warming up the players and the team referee will also be busy with referee duties.

10.   Field Operations - Please keep parents on the sidelines. According to the AYSO guidelines, spectators should be 9 feet from the sideline and not beyond the 18 yards line on either end of the field. Remind family members and spectators that their job is to cheer (adjectives such as Good Job!) whereas the coach is the person to give direction to the players. Players can become confused if they're receiving instructions from someone other than the coach.

11.   Team Banners – To ensure player safety, banners should only have player names printed. Do not identify the player to their jersey number. 1-2 dedicated parent(s) should be dedicated to the team banner that will be displayed at each game. The dimensions should not be larger than 3’ x 5’.  Banners should be ready for Picture Day in order to be included in the team picture. Money for the banners should be collected from parents to cover the cost of this.  It helps to have one-parent assigned OR have parents take turns bringing and setting-up the banner each weekend.

12.   Kids Zone – Please enforce Kids Zone program to eliminate negative sideline behavior by producing a positive impact on everyone involved in youth soccer.  You are responsible for ensuring that everyone in your team is aware of the Kids Zone Parent Pledge and remind them throughout the season if necessary.

13.   Parent Code – Make sure that every family is aware of the Parent's Code and know where to find information regarding questions they may have regarding the program.

14.   Positive Support - This goes along with being the team cheerleader. Things like line of high-fives or "the tunnel" at the end of each game, planning team party, potlucks or other get-togethers go a long way to help morale.




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